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What to say about Charlie. There are so many different levels of his greatness, that it's hard to talk about just one. When I first met Charlie, I must admit, I didn't take a strong liking to him. Then, life went on, and I hadn't heard, seen, or thought of him. Just this afternoon though, I saw an enlightening picture of Charlie. I thought to myself, "Could I have been any more wrong about Charlie?" I stared into his old, thoughtful eyes, and it hit me. Charlie is not just a simple dog, he is an omen of resiliance, love, and the will to live. I know of no other creatures that could endure all that Charlie has gone through. He made me realize how important life was. When my great-aunt was pleased about her life, she used to shout out loud in Haitian Creole, "Bondye O! Ala bel bagay ou fe pou nou!" Which means, "Oh Lord! What beautiful things you have done for us!" That holds so very true for Charlie. So I say to you charlie. "Charlie O! Ala bel bagay ou fe pou nou! Mesi!" Keep doing your magic!
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