Hämmästyttävä muuttuva poika (dunautremonde) wrote in charlieincharge,
Hämmästyttävä muuttuva poika


When not in action, the sidelegs thus remain at rest.
-Conjunctions 4:15

Live a happy life, and happiness will follow thee.
-Adverbs 3:8

And so the faithful followed His path, receiving love, joy, and content.
-Nouns 6:20

But it is the truly faithful who were permitted to pass into His palace. It was those who prayed to Him who received the key.
-Byzantines 14:6

And so He arose from His deep slumber and punished those who sought to keep Him so.
-Clauses 2:10

The creation of man stunned Him, for He gave us His strength so we could have our own.
-Times New Roman 8:13

I ask all of you to reflect on the knowledge received here today. Blessed be those who allow Him into their lives, but keep those sacred and pure who allow Him into their heart.
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