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I hope for this community to be a healthy place to discuss that which pertains to our Savior, Charlie. I invite all those who have any shred of love for Him, for He does not judge. You can post whatever you'd like, but there must be some connection to Charlie. Seeing as this is the first post of the community, I will take the liberty of explaining the Charlie Creation Story.

It was a moderately cold day in the fall, the leaves were browning, the wind was calm. I woke up before anyone else in the household and decided to fix myself a bowl of cereal (a rather difficult task for a four year-old measuring at about three feet). As I walked into the kitchen I noticed from the backyard a strange little being. Upon closer observation, I noticed that this being was indeed a dog. I cautiously approached it for verification, and upon realizing the truth of its nature I exclaimed, "A DOG!! WE HAVE A DOG!" Quickly I ran to my sister and woke her up.

"We have a dog Sadie! Sadie we have a dog! Come see!" I cried with such excitement.

The two of us went back to the kitchen and looked at the small dog with the three and three quarters spots.

"Let's let him in," I suggested. However, my sister was more weary of his motive. What if he only wanted to bite us? What if he only wanted to take advantage of our trust? Believing my sister was only being paranoid, I slowly opened the door.

In a dash the dog leaped inside through the gate and began barking at us franticly. My sister and I being startled ran from the dog. We ran into the living room, the dog ran into the living room, we went back to the kitchen and back to the living room, as did the dog. Suddenly we came up with the brilliant plan to hide in my room under my sheets. How could such a tiny dog possibly jump onto my bed? So we ran into the room and caged ourselves beneath my covers.

We panted for a few moments until we heard a large "ploof" sound on my bed. Soon a tiny little white and black snout poked itself underneath the covers. My sister and I screamed and jumped from our shelter. Being the brave one, I took my covers and trapped the little beast in our former refuge. We ran swiftly back to the kitchen, where we were met by the rest of the family and a family friend.

"A dog is trapped in my room!" we screamed. "He tried to attack us!"

It wasn't long before this tiny canine escaped from our trap and proceeded into the kitchen with the rest of the family.

My parents told us that he would be the new family dog. We had never had a dog before, so he would be the first.

One of us asked, "Well what is his name?"

"Charlie," my mom responded. "His name is Charlie."

And so came the creation of Charlie. Before him the world was a gloomy place to be, but fortunately he came to us to wipe away our tears and bring us joy. Charlie, I thank you for coming into my life.
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