Charlie In Charge

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This community is dedicated to Charlie and anything that could possibly be related to Him. This is NOT a place for anti-Charlies or Charlie-bashers. Come here to celebrate the essence of which is Charlie in hopes to attain Nirvana.

On the first day there was Charlie, and on the second day Charlie created God.
-Pronouns 5:13


New Pope!
bad breath, barking at rowdy, barking at the neighbors, begging for food, being floppy, being lazy, being picky, being worshipped, benji, biting fists, cataracts, charlie, chasing rowdy, constipation, crumbs, digging holes, dillon shaw, dirty teeth, dogs, dominant, eating healthy, heartguard, hope shaw, licking the floor, loving hope shaw, marking territory, mixed breeds, mutts, my ex-wife nicky, orbing, pancreatitis, panting, running from pitt bulls, sadie shaw, side leg kanai legs, side legs, sneaking under gates, sockie, stealing bones, sticking heads out windows, submissive, table scraps, taking walks, telekinetic orbing, terrier mixes, terriers, the shaw family, the-orange-pieces-in-kibble-n-bits, worshipping charlie